Overwatch 2 embarks on its sixth season starting from August 10, introducing a fresh wave of content to the game. This includes a novel support hero, new battlegrounds, and a long-anticipated infusion of narrative elements into Blizzard’s free-to-play hero shooter. The update encompasses both free offerings and content requiring a purchase.

Let’s dive straight into Overwatch 2 Season 6: Invasion!


New Hero: Illari

New Overwatch 2 Hero Illari

New Overwatch 2 Hero Illari (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The 38th hero to join Overwatch is Illari, a solar-powered healer who revamps the support line-up. Illari wields a Solar Rifle that employs charged shots, emitting a healing beam. Additionally, she possesses a healing turret and an attention-grabbing, damage-dealing ultimate ability. Hailing from Peru, her name is derived from the Quechua language, with connotations of “dawn” or “new beginning,” and a modern hint of “electronic.” For more in-depth insights into Illari’s weapon, abilities, and ultimate, check out this post by Polygon, which also outlines her launch skins.


New PvP Game Mode: Flashpoint


A fresh core player-versus-player (PvP) game mode dubbed Flashpoint emerges, where teams vie for control over points across expansive maps, aiming to secure three points before their rivals. This mode has been deemed similar to Call of Duty’s Headquarters Pro mode, participants need to both capture and safeguard multiple points spread across the terrain.

Flashpoint commences with two expansive PvP maps, acclaimed as the most substantial in Overwatch 2’s PvP map collection so far. One is Suravasa, bathed in sunlit splendor and nestled in India, while the other is New Junk City, an Australian urban setting exhibiting a Junkertown aesthetic. This locale boasts a central combat arena known as The Hammer Mill.

Flashpoint integrates seamlessly into the general rotation for role and open queue gameplay. Its debut transpires in Quickplay modes, followed by a rollout to Competitive modes “a few weeks into the season,” according to Blizzard. The game’s developers intend to introduce further Flashpoint maps in forthcoming updates.


Overwatch 2 on Steam


Huge news for all you PC gamers, Overwatch 2 is now available on steam. It becomes Blizzards’ first game to be released on steam and can be purchased on Valve’s digital storefront.


Season 6 & Battle Pass


The latest battle pass in Overwatch 2 is centered around the overarching Invasion DLC theme. This premium battle pass provides players with access to skins for heroes like Ashe, Zarya, Winston, Pharah, Symmetra, and Ana. Notably, Ana acquires the season’s Mythic skin, an inspiration drawn from Null Sector.

Season 6 extends until mid-October and encompasses the Overwatch 2 Anniversary event. This celebration witnesses the revival of past limited-time game modes such as Battle for Olympus, Starwatch, and Mischief & Magic. Each event also reintroduces its corresponding cosmetic items.

Other additions to season 6 are the new PVE Story Missions and the new Hero Mastery mode where players can hone their skills with all their favourite heroes in a single player lobby.