Exciting news for all F1® 23 players as a brand new patch (v1.07) has been released, making its way to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. This latest update brings a host of fixes and improvements to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for fans.

Here’s a rundown of the changes that come with this patch:

  • Equal Tyre Wear Rates: Addressed an issue where equal performance cars didn’t experience the same tyre wear rates, ensuring a more balanced racing environment.
  • Career Mode Contract Negotiations: Fixed a bug where contract negotiations and driver retirements were occurring prematurely before the last race of the season in Career Mode.
  • Logitech Wheel Fixes: Players using Logitech wheels on Xbox can now rejoice as the patch resolves the loss of Force Feedback and auto-save features during gameplay.
  • Improved AI Behaviour: AI drivers will no longer inexplicably slow down and match player speed during Qualifying In laps, providing a more realistic racing challenge.
  • Community Grand Prix Assists Fix: Participating in the Community Grand Prix will no longer lock assists for other game modes, ensuring a fair and enjoyable competitive environment.
  • My Team Career Sponsor Decals: Fixed an issue where sponsor decals couldn’t be removed, allowing players to customize their team’s appearance freely.
  • Multiplayer Stability: The patch addresses an FPS drop issue that occurred when a player disconnected from a race mid-session in Multiplayer mode.
  • F1 World Perk Fix: Using a team member with the “lower cost to boost” perk in F1 World will no longer cause prices to skyrocket unrealistically.
  • Singapore Sponsor Board Fix: Sponsor boards at the Singapore track will no longer appear black, enhancing the visual experience during races.
  • In-Cockpit Camera Warning Message: The cockpit camera will now display pit limit speed and distance warning messages, helping players stay informed during pit stops.
  • Time Trial OSD Element Saving: Changes to the “F1 Dial” OSD element in Time Trial will now be properly saved, allowing for personalized settings.
  • Correct Gamertag Display: The patch ensures that Gamertags are correctly displayed on the screen, preventing any confusion during multiplayer races.
  • Braking Point News Update: Chapter 10 of Braking Point now features an updated news article, enriching the storytelling experience.
  • My Team Career Crash Fix: Changing the primary Engine Supplier at the start of a new My Team Career Season will no longer cause crashes.
  • Audio Dropout Fix: Some players experienced audio dropouts during gameplay, which have now been resolved to maintain immersive sound effects.
  • EA App Consumables Fix: EA app players can now purchase consumables without any issues, improving their overall gaming experience.
  • Windowed Game Mode Crash Fix: The game will no longer crash when returning to a windowed game mode.
  • UDP Telemetry Data Correction: The Tyre Set information in the UDP telemetry data is now accurate, providing valuable feedback to players.
  • General Stability Improvements: Overall game stability has been enhanced to minimize crashes and improve performance.
  • Various Minor Fixes: Several other minor bugs and issues have been addressed, ensuring a smoother and more polished gaming experience for all players.


The F1® 23 patch (v1.07) is a testament to the developers’ commitment to delivering an exceptional racing experience for fans. So, buckle up, hit the track, and enjoy all the thrilling fixes and improvements this update has to offer!

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