Whilst Overwatch 2 players have the flexibility to choose whatever Heroes they like, there are certain team compositions that synergise particularly well together. However, it can be quite difficult to recognise these compositions, even as a more seasoned player. We have explained the basics of some of the most popular Overwatch 2 team compositions, perfect for beginners.


sigma screenshot 002

The Poke composition focuses on pressuring the enemy team by getting picks, which makes it ideal for maps with long sight lines, like Junkertown. Sigma is often the primary Tank in this composition, with D.Va as an alternative for maps with tricky high grounds to navigate.

Damage players should play Widowmaker and Hanzo, as they can collaborate for efficient kills. For players not too comfortable with sniping, Torbjorn is a great alternative pick, as his turret adds extra pressure to the enemy team. Support options include Zenyatta, Baptiste, or Mercy for an added damage boost.


wrecking ball screenshot

The Dive composition is all about high mobility and coordinated attacks. This composition is most effective on maps with elevated terrain, where the team can take advantage of easy access to the high ground.

Tracer is essential for Damage dealers in this comp, as she can quickly dive in and out of fights with high bursts of damage. As for the other Damage role, Sombra, Sojourn, or Genji can be used for added damage and disruption. Tanks like Winston, D.Va, Wrecking Ball, and Doomfist bring mobility to the team and synergise with Tracer. Support options include Kiriko for her teleportation or Mercy for her mobility and healing output.


reinhardt 01

The Brawl team composition in Overwatch 2 centres around close-range combat, featuring aggressive Tanks like Junker Queen, Zarya, and Reinhardt.

For Damage, Mei excels at disrupting enemy tanks, while Cassidy offers flexible damage, and is capable enough to deal with a variety of situations that may arise. Support players should considering using Lucio’s Speed Boost to help push fights and enhance their team’s aggressive playstyle, and Ana’s Nano Boost helps to put even more damage into the fight.


Ramattra Overwatch

As the name suggests, the Poke-Brawl comp blends elements from both Poke and Brawl compositions for increased flexibility. Tanks like Orisa and Ramattra are often used in this comp, thanks to their ability to adapt to enemy strengths, allowing a versatile approach.

The Damage role in this team composition can actually be filled in by anyone, as the player should be making their choice based on countering the enemy or playing to the team’s strengths. It’s essential for the Support role to balance high healing with utility, using Heroes such as Baptiste or Ana paired with Lucio or Brigitte.