EA Sports most popular game mode returns for EA FC 24 and with it comes some new features and updates to current features to enhance the Ultimate Team experience. With that being said let’s get straight into the Ultimate Team deep dive.


What’s can we expect in Ultimate Team?


Changes were made to already existing features which were first announced in EA FC 24s Ultimate Team deep dive.  These include, pack animations, card design, objectives, ICONs (versions & chemistry) and Squad Battles.

Let’s share some detail regarding the changes to the existing features.

Pack animations have changed and can be seen on the EA Sports FC Instagram, the major change sees multiple players walkout, this can been seen in the Instagram reel with Haaland and Son walking out and passing the ball together.

Card designs have changed (as expected) (see image below) they are now wider, leaving more space for player images and animated backgrounds.

EA FC 24 Son Ultimate Team Card

EA FC 24 new card design (Image credit: EA FC 24, EA Sports)

Rating shown for illustration purposes only. Rating and PlayStyles subject to change (per EA Sports)


Objectives now have new design pages with themed backgrounds (as seen in the image below). Objectives will also have an easier menu to navigate through and finally EA have decided to add a ‘claim all’ option, this is arguably the best change to Ultimate Team as we all know claiming objective rewards was a chore at times.

EA FC 24 ultimate team new objectives menus

EA FC 24 new objectives menu (Image credit: EA FC 24, EA Sports)

Rating shown for illustration purposes only. Rating and PlayStyles subject to change (per EA Sports)


ICONs have now been changed, only one version of each ICON will be in the game at launch instead of the old three-tier system they had used in previous years. Also new with ICONs is the way their chemistry works, they will now add one chemistry contribution to every league represented in your team. This was a pleasant surprise as it enables players to have more freedom with their teams when including ICONs without having to worry about chemistry.

For all you Squad Battles players you will be pleased to hear that you can now play 4minute matches apposed to 6minutes minimum, again like claiming objectives, for some players Squad Battles at times felt like a bit of a chore to earn some minor rewards (unless you earned top 100 worthy points).


Other changes included; menu changes, new club search options, club item changes and the removal of position modifiers (players will now automatically change to their secondary position when placed there).


New features include, ‘evolutions’, ‘women in ultimate team’ and ‘PlayStyles’. We’ve already covered the basics of ‘evolutions’ and ‘women in football’ here and the basics of ‘PlayStyles’ here.

Head to the EA FC 24 website or watch the Ultimate Team deep dive video on the EA FC 24 YouTube channel for more in-depth information.


We can’t wait for the release of EA FC 24 this September so stay tuned as we unravel everything that EA throws at us over the next few weeks!