It’s Back!


Blizzard have announced the return of the ‘Summer Games’ event and we can’t wait!

In the world of Overwatch 2, the highly anticipated Summer Games event has arrived, and the heroes are gearing up for two weeks of fun in the sun. From July 11th to July 24th, players can jump into the action-packed festivities and enjoy a variety of activities, game modes, and fantastic cosmetic rewards.


Introducing Winston’s Beach Volleyball:


This year’s Summer Games brings a thrilling new addition called “Winston’s Beach Volleyball.” Players will find themselves amidst the sandy battleground, engaging in an intense 3v3 beach brawl. The goal is to outmanoeuvre the opposing team and score ten points by skilfully volleying a gigantic ball back and forth. Cooperation and strategy will be the key to triumph in this exciting game mode.


Lucioball Makes a Triumphant Return:


The beloved fan-favourite “Lucioball” is making a comeback by popular demand. As Lúcio, players will work together with their teammates to outplay the competition. They’ll have to use Lúcio’s unique abilities to bounce a massive ball across vibrant arenas and aim for epic goals. Those seeking even more thrills can dive into “Lucioball Remix,” featuring multiple balls, including triple-point bonus balls, to keep the excitement at an all-time high.


Unlock New Cosmetics with Event Challenges:


In the midst of all the Summer Games excitement, players can also embark on event challenges to earn cosmetic rewards, such as the new ‘Tropical’ Doomfist skin. Unique sprays and player icons for their Overwatch 2 heroes will become available, allowing them to showcase their achievements and stand out in battle.


New Skins and Other Cosmetics Await:


For those with a passion for customization, the in-game shop is teeming with brand-new skins and cosmetics. The exclusive Summer Games collection offers a breath-taking Lifeguard Legendary skin for Mercy, giving her a cool and stylish summer look as she swoops in to rescue her teammates. Players must act swiftly to secure these limited-time treasures and add a touch of summer fashion to their hero line-up.

The clock is ticking, and the Summer Games festivities won’t last forever. So, Overwatch 2 players, seize this golden opportunity to immerse yourselves in the thrilling game modes of Lucioball and Winston’s Beach Volleyball. Earn summer-themed cosmetic rewards and make a splash with your hero’s new look before the event concludes on July 24th.