With the new EA FC 24 game only two-months away from release we thought we would have a look into what gameplay features and news has been shared for us to dig our teeth into.

EA FC 24 brings back all the fan favourite game modes, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode (both manager and player), Pro Clubs, Volta and more. So, let’s take a deeper dive into the revealed details on what we can expect to see in these game modes.


Ultimate Team


What do we know about Ultimate Team so far?

EA FC 24 brings two new elements to Ultimate Team this year; ‘evolutions’ and ‘women’s football’. 



Evolutions now allow players to improve and develop their very own club legends, but how does it work? 

First you must select players who meet the Evolutions criteria and then accomplish a series of objectives to enhance their individual abilities, playing styles, and overall ratings, ensuring their competitiveness throughout the year. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade their Player Items visually with fresh designs and animated backgrounds, allowing you to proudly showcase your custom Evolutions players and the remarkable milestones they’ve achieved for your Club, impressing your opponents along the way.

For example: take a 73-rated, silver player, complete different sets of objectives and he/she will gradually keep improving. (players maximum development has not been announced).

Women in Ultimate Team

The second new feature in Ultimate Team is that women are now usable and can be played in any team against any opponents (men included). 

The addition of women in Ultimate Team brings the most substantial inclusion of top-tier players ever seen, with the introduction of six new leagues, opening up a world of fresh squad building possibilities as you create your Ultimate XI. Alongside this, there are also brand-new women’s ICONs and Heroes, including pioneers of the women’s game, providing exciting additions to your Club and offering excellent options to build your team around. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the inclusion of women in Ultimate Team affects how players build their teams. We can’t wait to see the likes of Alex Morgan taking on the likes of Virgil Van Dijk and Lucy Bronze defending against the likes of Lionel Messi!


Career Mode


Career mode has been a staple of EAs football games and gives those who want to live out the life of professional player or manager the chance to have their own legendary career. 

Let’s take a look at the new features in both player and manager career modes!


Player Career

Player career gives players the opportunity to use a real-life player or create their own character and progress through seasons and try their hand at becoming the world’s greatest player. New features include a revamped ‘player personality’ system built around the new ‘PlayStyles’ system. A player’s personality will affect all aspects of their game from transfer and contract negotiations to the way they play on the pitch (incorporating PlayStyles). Another new addition is the ‘player agent’ the agent will act like a real life agent does – helping you handle transfers and negotiate new contracts.

Manager Career

Manager career allows players to take charge of either a real life club or a created club and battle it out to make it to the top of the football ladder! New features include a new coaches system, hiring coaches will now help you implement your vision and reach your goals. Players now have the opportunity to bring their team and players to the top by having more control and variation over the team tactics and training.


Pro Clubs & Volta


EA hasn’t revealed too much about what’s new with Pro Clubs & Volta but let’s discuss what we know. So, EA have revealed that there will be more opportunity for pro development through the new PlayStyles and more opportunity for pro customisation (we assume they are adding more accessories, hairstyles, body styles etc.) 

EA have also announced that there will be a new club season mode called ‘Playoffs’ they haven’t revealed anything more than the name of the new mode however, this sounds like something players will be interested in. As fans of the pro clubs mode we can say that it is very much in need of a new mode and ways to play because as we all know it has been the same for far too long.


Stay Tuned!


That’s all the news EA have revealed so far regarding their game modes so stay tuned as we will be uncovering all the news and updates ahead of the games release in late September. 

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