The Ubisoft team have revealed everything that is set to come in their next major update to Rainbow Six Siege. The upcoming update, for Year 8 Season 3 is named “Heavy Mettle” and with it comes plenty of new updates to dig our teeth into including, new operator “Ram”, updates to quick match modes, a new player commendation system and more. On August 29th, we will be blessed with an explosive surge of new content and features that promise to reshape the way R6 players experience the game.


New Operator: Ram Charges into Action!


Meet the latest addition to the Rainbow Six team – a destructive operator from South Korea known only as “Ram”. With a reputation that precedes her, Ram brings a unique blend of tactics and brute force to the battlefield. She is a single-speed, three-health operator armed with a specially designed mobile battering ram of sorts called the BU-GI Auto-Breacher. The BU-GI can penetrate even the most fortified defences such as, barricaded doors (including castle doors), wooden floors and walls. Ram can throw and activate the BU-GI from anywhere so she can activate it behind cover and whilst rappelling which allows her to be out of harms way whilst the bullet-proof BU-GI gets to work.

She is equip with the R4C or the LMG-E as her primary weapons and the MK1 pistol or ITA12S shotgun along with this for her utility players can choose between stuns or hard breaches.

At a first glance, like most new operators in siege she seems quite over-powered and will probably receive a nerf early on into the game. At the moment she is in testing so players who have the ability to use her will be able to give feedback to Ubisoft before her release on August 29th.


The Brand New Commendation System


In recognition of the exceptional teamwork and sportsmanship displayed by Siege players, the Heavy Mettle update introduces a brand new player commendation system. Now, at the end of each match, players can nominate teammates or opponents for commendations based on their in-game behaviour. Whether it’s for their strategic prowess, their ability to defuse tense situations, or simply being an all-around team player, the commendation system adds a new layer of camaraderie to the Siege community.

Player who receive commendations will be able to claim rewards, players who have received numerous, recent commendations will be on a “streak” and for this will earn an increase to their alpha pack roll rate at the end of every match whilst the streak is active. Along with this players who engage with the commendation system will receive bonus alpha pack rewards during the season with guaranteed items of high rarity levels.


Game Modes Update: Quick Match Updates & New Modes


For those who thrive on quick, adrenaline-fueled matches, the revamped quick match mode is sure to be a game-changer. With refined matchmaking algorithms, improved map rotation, shortened game times and pre set-ups, every quick match will deliver an intense and dynamic gaming experience.

The new game mode introduced in operation Heavy Mettle is called “Weapon Roulette”. This new game mode is similar to the famous “Gun Game” we all know and love from the Call of Duty franchise. However, there is one difference, this being that it doesn’t work in a kill to upgrade system, it works on a timer system so after a certain amount of time every players gun will change to the same gun (this will happen numerous times throughout the game) and its highest score wins at the end of the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Siege universe, the updated quick match mode and weapon roulette offer a perfect blend of challenge, accessibility and fun.


Operator Overhauls: Frost, Fuze and Grim Receive Updates

Rainbow six siege operators frost, fuze and grim

Operators Frost, Fuze and Grim set to receive updates in the Heavy Mettle Y8S3 Update

Heavy Mettle doesn’t just introduce new faces – it also breathes new life into some familiar ones. Several existing operators (Frost, Fuze and Grim) are receiving exciting updates to their gadgets, loadouts, and abilities.

Frosts’ update isn’t all about her but more so about the players she is battling against. If a player ends up trapped in one of Frosts’ traps they will now have two options, one being the what we know now and that’s to wait for your teammate to free you from the trap so you can get on your way. The second option is to free yourself however, this has implications, it takes 4.5seconds to do and doing so successfully will leave you limping for up to 60seconds and leaving a trail of blood wherever you go.

Fuze can now deploy his cluster charge to deployable shields and to Osas’ Talon-8 shield. If you didn’t think Fuze was a pain to deal with before, you definitely will now. If you’re an avid Fuze player then expect you game time playing him to decrease as he is going to become a fan favourite during the banning phase.

Grim is an operator who doesn’t get much battlefield time due to his poor ability and weaponry, with his new update Ubisoft have tried to enhance his ability to make him more playable. His Kawan Hive Launcher is going to have the same perks as Capitao and Zofia meaning players will be able to decide which shells come our of the launcher. Players will now have the option to bounce the hive shells off of walls to send them into rooms without putting themselves in harms way. Hopefully, this change sees more of Grim in action come August 29th.


Stay Tuned!


As the countdown to August 29th begins, the excitement surrounding Heavy Mettle is palpable. Ubisoft is set to redefine the Rainbow Six Siege experience, inviting players old and new to embrace the challenge of a dynamic and evolving battlefield.

For more information on the new update check out the update video on the Ubisoft YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the upcoming Heavy Mettle update.