Cosy games are a somewhat new phenomena in the gaming world that have blown up in recent years. From Stardew Valley, to Animal Crossing, we’ve fallen in love with the gentle, laidback playstyle these games provide us. However, sometimes farming can get a bit tedious, and you might be looking for something different. We’ve compiled a list of cosy games that aren’t about farming for you here.

Garden Galaxy

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Garden Galaxy is the perfect blend of idle and active gameplay. You spend the game collecting coins from mystical visitors in your garden, and you can then buy various themed items with those coins to decorate your garden. Garden Galaxy is the ultimate cosy game, with a relaxing soundtrack, cute graphics, and a laidback pace. You can make your garden as small or big as you want – there’s no set goals, and you can go along at your own pace. As well as the visitors you’ll have in your garden, you can also introduce different forms of wildlife, such as fish, frogs, and rabbits! With different themed items, you can really make your garden just how you like it – with themes such as Swamp, Market, Frost, Beach, Urban, and Forest. Garden Galaxy is currently available to purchase on Steam.


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Chillquarium is an idle game, where you purchase fish, wait for them to grow, and sell them to buy even more fish. You can purchase different decorations for your fish tanks, and unlock dozens of different fish species. Each fish also has their own variants for you to try and unlock (we’re all about the rainbow fish!). And yes, you can collect axolotls. Chillquarium is a great game for your second monitor, or to have on in the background whilst you’re busy. The game is incredibly simple and easy to pick up, making it a fantastic game to turn off your brain and indulge in. Chillquarium is currently available to purchase on Steam.

Bear and Breakfast

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Bear and Breakfast is an adorable management game, where you play as Hank the Bear. Throughout the game, you’ll run various Bed and Breakfast establishments, meet cute and colourful characters, and cook lots of yummy dishes for your customers. Each establishment has its own environment, layout, and requirements for you to work around, which keeps the game exciting all the way through. As you make your way through the game, you will unlock better quality furniture, and more decorations to really spruce up your Bed and Breakfasts. Bear and Breakfast is perfect for gamers who love a woodland environment, and plenty of fluffy, wacky animals. Bear and Breakfast is currently available to purchase on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

Party Animals

party animals

If you’re looking for a cosy game to play with friends, then look no further. Party Animals is an adorable fighting game, where you play as one of many animals, and fight for glory through various different maps and game modes. The characters are all incredibly goofy, and it’s hilarious watching huge, fluffy animals throwing punches like it’s nobody’s business. The game is full of life, and a cosy alternative to many other multiplayer games out there. Party Animals is currently available to purchase on Steam and Xbox.

Sticky Business

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Ever wanted to run your own sticker business? Well, now you can! Sticky Business is a lovely business management game, where you run your own sticker business. You can design your own stickers, fulfil customer orders, then package up your stock yourself. As you progress through the game, you will unlock more customisation options for your stickers, such as different colours, new designs, and even holographic material to print them on! If you fall in love with your designs, you can even save them to your computer and use them elsehwhere. Sticky Business is currently available to purchase on Steam.