After only being in the Steam store since August 10th Overwatch 2 is now Steams lowest rated game of all time! But why…?

It may come as a surprise to some to see this news because Overwatch was a fan favourite game which received plenty of praise. However, ever since Overwatch 2 was released it hasn’t received the same love as the original title, more problems and issues were found as the game started to unravel.

The game’s “overwhelmingly negative” reviews were primarily triggered by the decision of its developer, Blizzard, to lock certain heroes behind a paywall. These locked heroes are only accessible to players who purchase a Platinum Battle Pass, a move that has sparked frustration among players. The gaming community often reacts strongly when they perceive that a highly anticipated game falls short of their expectations, especially if it introduces a model that requires payment for content or advantages in gameplay.

You could make the argument that monetisation is also the reason behind these complaints and issues, this is certainly the view of a lot of the Overwatch 2 community with one players’ review on Steam stating that “Overwatch 2 has no respect for you, it’s an attempt to pry open your wallet while masquerading as the game it used to be”.


Overwatch loot box

Overwatch Loot Box Example (Image credit: Flickr)


The original title ‘Overwatch’ was a game that required no funds to unlock rewards and cosmetics, the game offered these items through ‘loot boxes’ that, although they could be bought were also handed out to players as they levelled up. However, in Overwatch 2 loot boxes are no more and the only way to unlock rewards and cosmetics is through paying for them with in-game currency (which you have to buy with real money) or unlocking them via a battle pass which again to unlock the best version and unlock every available reward costs real money. So, it’s safe to say this player has hit the nail on the head.

It’s a shame to see a once loved game take such a fall from grace but it’s not a surprise when all games developers want to do is monetise their games. Hopefully, Blizzard will take a look at this and alter the way players unlock cosmetic but don’t hold your breath as this is a long shot.

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