The Gamers8 Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, recently witnessed a breath-taking display of skill and competition as the world’s top StarCraft 2 players gathered for an action-packed esports tournament from August 3rd to 6th. With a jaw-dropping prize pool of $500,000 on the line, the stakes were high, and the players were determined to showcase their strategic prowess and claim victory in the prestigious event.

The competition featured an intense format, consisting of the group stages, some nail-biting knockout rounds, and a thrilling grand final. Over the course of four days, the world’s best players fought their way through the brackets, showcasing their exceptional skills and sharp decision-making ultimately, proving why they are the best players in the world.


Reynor: A worthy winner!


Reynor started off the tournament by winning 3 games and only losing 1 resulting in a 4th place finish in the group stages (out of 16), a group stage that saw the top 8 advance to the playoffs. 

Reynor had a tough quarter finals match in the playoffs, facing ByuN who placed 3rd in the group stage. However, despite ByuN finishing higher than Reynor in the groups he was no match for Reynor in the quarter finals as Reynor dominated in a 3-0 victory. 

The semi-finals saw Reynor match up against Clem who had just beaten Maru in the quarter finals, a match that Clem went in to as the underdog. This wasn’t going to be an easy match up but Reynor outplayed Clem in another 3-0 victory. 

The final was a first to four series in which Reynor faced off against Cure. Cure placed 6th in the group but managed to beat group winner Classic in the quarter finals so, Reynor definitely had his work cut out for him. Despite a worthy effort from Cure, Reynor easily cruised to a 4-1 victory and was crowned the StarCraft 2 champion taking home a prize pot of $150,000. 


More to come!


It’s not over yet! As the Gamers8 Festival approaches its end we still have a couple more tournaments to look forward to. So, stay tuned as we cover the remaining tournaments, including: Rocket League, CS:GO and PUBG.

For more information regarding all the tournaments at the Gamers8 Festival head to the Gamers8 website.