From August 18th to 20th, in the bustling city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, spectators were treated to an exhilarating display of battle royale prowess at the PUBG Global Series 2. Amidst fierce competition, it was clear that only one team could emerge victorious.

Representing Soniqs, Hunger “hwinn” Winn, James “TGLTN” Giezen, Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki, and Austin “M1ME” Scherff showcased their exceptional skills over three action-packed days. Their dedication paid off handsomely, as they secured a lion’s share of the staggering $2 million prize pool offered by Krafton Inc., earning themselves a substantial $600,000.


A Masterful Performance 


The North American squad stood out with three triumphant victories out of fifteen rounds in the grand finals, outperforming their rivals in this regard. They also exhibited their sharpshooting prowess by accumulating 89 kills, putting them in second place for total kills. EMEA’s Twisted Minds held the distinction of having the most kills, tallying 93. Despite their impressive kill count, they couldn’t bridge the gap in placement scores.

TGLTN of Soniqs demonstrated exceptional skill, earning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title along with a substantial bonus of $20,000. He led his team to victory with an astounding 29 kills, making a significant contribution to their championship win.


The Road to the PUBG Global Championships


The PUBG Global Series 2 marked another milestone on the journey to the PUBG Global Championship, scheduled to take place in Bangkok from November 28th to December 3rd. Although the exact prize pool for the championship was yet to be confirmed, the previous PGC in 2022 boasted a prize purse exceeding $3.3 million.

Teams participating in the Global Series 2 earned valuable PGS points based on their placements, paving the way for their qualification to PGC 2023. The triumphant Soniqs secured their spot, as did Twisted Minds, 17 Gaming, and Danawa Esports, thanks to their consistent performances across two PUBG Global Series events.


PUBG Nations Cup 2023


Krafton also unveiled exciting news about the upcoming PUBG Nations Cup 2023. This prestigious event, taking place at the Sangnam Colosseum in Seoul, South Korea, from September 15th to 17th, will feature 16 nations showcasing their top talents. Notably, this tournament will introduce Vikendi as an official competitive map, alongside the updated Miramar and Taego maps, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition.


More to come!


We aren’t finished yet! The Gamers8 Festival maybe coming to an end but before it does we have two more major tournaments left to conclude these being, CS:GO and Rocket League. So, stay tuned for the outcome of these two huge tournaments.

For more information regarding the standings, match results and more head to the Gamers8 website.