Finally! Career mode has had a major revamp from previous years and it’s exactly what players have been waiting for. So, let’s take a look at the changes to both manager and player career mode for EA FC 24.


Manager Career: What to expect…


As a manager, players can now immerse themselves in the Manager Career experience, which has been separated from the Player Career mode. This decision allows for a more in-depth focus on each aspect of the game. In the Manager Career, players will encounter numerous new and exciting elements to explore and exploit, making it an engaging and captivating journey.

The main new feature in manager career is the ‘Total Management System’ this new feature includes many of the new changes to manager career mode including:

  • Tactical Vision/Tactical Vision Scouting
  • Coaches
  • Tactical Knowledge
  • Player Development
  • Coach Management
  • Training Plans

Also new to manager career mode is the ‘Pre-match Preparations’ which includes pre-match reports on the opposition and match ready training and ‘Tactical View’ which brings a new way to watch your team fight for victory.

More in-depth information on the new features in manager career mode can be found on the EA Sports FC 24 website

Player Career: What to expect…


On the other hand, as a player, individuals can now exercise greater control over their on-pitch actions, moulding their own football destiny. The freedom to choose the playing style, develop skills, and make strategic decisions during matches is now more pronounced than ever. This increased autonomy empowers players to create unique and unforgettable moments in their virtual football careers.

The big change to player career mode comes in the form of ‘Player Agent’ the player agent will help you shape your career path through managing your transfers, negotiations and contracts. The player agent also plays a part in other new features such as, setting a target team for your future, setting financial objectives for current and target teams and setting weekly wage expectations.

Other additions to player career mode include the brand new ‘PlayStyles’ which affect your player personality (which has been revamped for FC24) and PlayStyles+. Customisation has been updated adding new ways to customise your player with new tattoos, face guards, goggles and more.

To find out more about the new features in player career mode head to the EA Sports FC 24 website


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Watch the career mode deep dive video on the EA Sports FC 24 YouTube channel.