Schedules, Prize Pot and More!


The FNCS Global Championship for 2023 is set to be a remarkable showdown, featuring 150 of the world’s finest Fortnite players who will form duos to compete at the renowned Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Mark your calendars for an exciting weekend, as the championship is scheduled to kick off on Friday, October 13th, and continue through Sunday, October 15th, 2023. The event’s itinerary consists of the upper bracket matches on the 13th, the lower bracket contests on the 14th, and the highly anticipated grand finals on the 15th.

This prestigious tournament is a joint effort between Epic Games and Blast, offering a substantial prize pool of $4 million to the participants. As an additional incentive, the champions will have the opportunity to secure a dazzling Swarovski FNCS trophy, making this competition an event that Fortnite enthusiasts worldwide won’t want to miss.


fncs 2023 swarovski trophy

FNCS 2023 Swarovski Trophy (Image Credit: Fortnite)




A total of 73 duos are poised to battle for the coveted top position in the Battle Royale Duo format of the FNCS Global Championship 2023. The participating duos have qualified through different major tournaments and regions:

Major 1 Qualified Duos:

  1. Merstach + TaySon (Europe)
  2. Malibuca + Th0masHD (Europe)
  3. Acorn + Cold (North America)
  4. Thorik + Boltz (North America)
  5. Phzin + Kitoz (Brazil)
  6. Pepoclip + Zagou (Asia)
  7. Suns + Anon (Oceania)
  8. QnDx + Rapit (Middle East)

Major 2 Qualified Duos:

  1. Queasy + Veno (Europe)
  2. Venyak3kk + Karmy (Europe)
  3. Setty + Kami (Europe)
  4. Grippey + Flickzy (Europe)
  5. IDrop + Mappi (Europe)
  6. Yuma + Jaemon (Asia)
  7. Sorif + Skits (Oceania)
  8. Kalgamer + 7Man (Middle East)
  9. K1nG + Fazerkame44 (Brazil)
  10. Dukez + Edgey (North America)
  11. Cooper + Mero (North America)
  12. Pollo + Sphinx (North America)

Major 3 Qualified Duos:

  1. Trulex + Chico (Europe)
  2. P1ng + Kyry (Europe)
  3. Pinq + Vic0 (Europe)
  4. Blacha + Mikson (Europe)
  5. Robban + Axeforce (Europe)
  6. Snayzy + Podasai (Europe)
  7. Klown + Grolzz (Europe)
  8. Fastroki + Kylie (Europe)
  9. Misha + T3eny (Europe)
  10. Khanada + Ajerss (North America)
  11. Bugha + Threats (North America)
  12. Bacca + Parz (North America)
  13. Reet + Ritual (North America)
  14. Muz + Paper (North America)
  15. Eomzo + Rise (North America)
  16. Brycx + Chubs (North America)
  17. Batman Bugha + Rapid (North America)
  18. Bucke + Okis (North America)
  19. Source + Yumi (North America)
  20. Gon + Pingu (Brazil)
  21. Nuti + Gabzera (Brazil)
  22. Stryker + Axadasz (Brazil)
  23. Boby + Larkpex (Asia)
  24. Stain + Daydus (Asia)
  25. Mkmkpapa + Shelom (Asia)
  26. Repulse + Jace (Oceania)
  27. Worthy + Alex (Oceania)
  28. Mshary + Rew (Middle East)
  29. Hero + FHD (Middle East)

Last Chance Major Qualified Duos:

  1. MrSavage + Vadeal (Europe)
  2. Kyzen + Clement (Europe)
  3. Hen + Vaske (Europe)
  4. Vortex + Belusi (Europe)
  5. Moneymaker + Fnajen (Europe)
  6. JannisZ + Rezon (Europe)
  7. Stenno + Liwshe (Europe)
  8. Bylah + Peterbot (North America)
  9. Cented + Pxlarized (North America)
  10. Death + Tahi (North America)
  11. Clix + Epikwhale (North America)
  12. Kwanti + Tkay (North America)
  13. Krisp + Noxy (North America)
  14. Fatch + PaMstou (North America)
  15. Bully + Shadow (North America)
  16. Fishy + Talls (Brazil)
  17. Persa + Diguera (Brazil)
  18. Frosty + Wey (Brazil)
  19. Raru + Dog (Asia)
  20. Clxxer + Wickesy (Asia)
  21. Aim + Zazi (Asia)
  22. Gazer + River (Oceania)
  23. Adapter + FKS (Middle East)
  24. Kirb1 (Europe)

This exhaustive list showcases the talented duos competing in the FNCS Global Championship 2023, each having secured their place through various regional qualifications.


How to Watch + Viewer Rewards


Viewers eager to catch the Fortnite FNCS Global Championship 2023 have multiple platforms at their disposal, with the option to watch it on the official Fortnite website, as well as on popular streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok channels.

For a truly immersive experience, fans can also tune in from within the game itself. By visiting the Legends Landing in Fortnite, accessible through the island code 3303-7480-5925 or by selecting it in the in-game Discover feature, they can join fellow players in watching the championship unfold. Moreover, they can express their support for their favorite duo by using emotes to cheer them on right in the game.

As an added incentive for dedicated viewers, stream drop rewards are on offer. These rewards are as follows:

  • Watching for 30 minutes on Day 1 at Legends Landing or will earn you the “Raise It High” Emoticon.
  • Tuning in for 30 minutes on Day 2 will grant viewers the “Infinite Victory” Spray.
  • For those who watch for 30 minutes on Day 3, the reward is the “Chromatic Champions” Loading Screen.
  • An extended viewing session of one hour on Day 3 will result in the exclusive “Scorekeeper” Back Bling being added to your collection, making it a must-watch event for dedicated Fortnite enthusiasts.


Stay tuned for further updates on this event by bookmarking this page and checking back for the latest information as it becomes available.