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We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news about the highly anticipated ALGS Championship 2023, the pinnacle of Apex Legends Global Series esports competitions. After much speculation, EA has officially announced the host city for this prestigious event, and it’s a slight change from what was initially expected. The ALGS Championship 2023 will now be held in the vibrant city of Birmingham, UK, instead of London.

Esports News UK has been closely monitoring the developments around this event and have provided the Esports community with a great insight into the event. So, here are all the key details and information you need to know about the event.


Schedule, Location, Dates


Mark your calendars, folks! The ALGS Championship 2023 is scheduled to take place from September 6th to 10th, bringing five days of intense Apex Legends action to the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. This state-of-the-art venue, situated next to the renowned Birmingham NEC, offers the perfect setting for an esports extravaganza of this magnitude.

It’s worth noting that the Resorts World Arena is a distinct facility separate from the Resorts World entertainment complex. So, while the latter boasts a casino and restaurants, the championship will be held in its dedicated esports arena, ensuring an immersive and focused environment for players and fans alike.


ALGS x Insomnia i71…?


In an intriguing twist of fate, this year’s ALGS Championship will coincide with Insomnia i71, which is also taking place in Birmingham from September 7th to 10th. The Insomnia Gaming Festival has established itself as a popular gaming event, and having both ALGS and Insomnia i71 together has the potential to create a thrilling atmosphere for attendees. Esports News UK reported that Jasmine Chiang, EA stated that she thinks ‘it’ll be an awesome opportunity for all fans to maybe experience something new’.


Ticket Information


Now, for those of you eager to secure your spot at the ALGS Championship 2023, the ticket sales will go live on Friday, July 21st, at 4 pm BST (8 am PST). With a prize pool of a staggering $2 million on the line, the competition is expected to draw in top-tier teams from across the globe, showcasing their skills and strategies to claim the ultimate victory.

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Access to the full interview with EA


Esports News UK had the privilege of sitting down with EA for an exclusive interview to delve deeper into the championship’s details. In which the representative from EA stated that the event ‘is a really awesome opportunity to create one of the biggest gaming moments in the UK; it’s going to be massive’. To see the full interview head to the Esports News UK website.

Make sure to stay tuned for the latest updates and exclusive coverage leading up to the ALGS Championship 2023!

Until then, keep your gaming skills sharp, and we’ll see you on the virtual battlegrounds!