The Gamers8 Esports Festival is back!!!

Quite possibly the world’s largest esports festival has returned for its second year, the festival has been said to have the “largest prize pool” in esports history, boasting a huge $45million prize pool across all the games, according to the event organisers. 

The festival caters to all esports gamers and fans by hosting 12 of the biggest and best games, including; Dota 2, Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG Mobile which all return to the festival, along with CS:GO, StarCraft: Remastered, StarCraft II, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 6, PUBG, R1 and FIFA which will be played for the first time.

The festival is already well and truly underway but is far from over, starting on July 6th and ending on August 31st the eight week festival, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is just getting started! 

Let’s get you up-to-date with what has already taken place so far during the festival. 

Since the start of the festival we have already seen some epic esports moments with the Fortnite, Tekken 7 and Rainbow Six Siege tournaments already coming to a close. 

The Fortnite tournament which ran from July 6th-9th saw competitors ‘Japko’ and ‘Kami’ take first place and a $500,000 share of the $2million prize pool, the duo were one of 5 teams to qualify from the middle-eastern region and defeated 43 other teams in an action-packed tournament. 

Tekken 7 had a smaller prize pool of $1million and featured 16 teams consisting of 3 players per team from 16 different nations. The tournament ran from July 6th-9th, over the course of the four days one team stood out from the rest, team Pakistan. The three man team, featuring; Arslan Ash, Atif Butt and Khan Imran fought off the rest of the competition, beating the likes of team UK in the semi-finals and team Korea in the final to take home $500,000.  As for Rainbow Six Siege, the tournament ran from July 13th-16th and featured a $2million prize pool. The tournament featured 8 teams, including the Gamers8 2022 winners ‘Team BDS’. The four day tournament saw continuous, high-octane gaming with bragging rights returning to ‘Team BDS’ who defended their 2022 championship successfully and took home $750,000 in prize money. The final was a one-sided affair seeing ‘Team BDS’ defeat ‘M80’ 3-0 in a best-of-five series, it will take a great showcase of skill, teamwork and resilience to take down ‘Team BDS’. 

FIFA and PUBG Mobile work slightly differently to the other games, both games have multiple separate tournaments during the festival. FIFA consists of the ‘FIFAe Club World Cup’ which saw ‘RBLZ Gaming’ take the $300,000 winnings, the ‘FIFAe Nations Cup’ which saw team ‘Brazil’ take home the $300,000 winnings and the ‘FIFAe World Cup’ which is due to end on July 19th. PUBG Mobile consists of the ‘PUBG Mobile: World Invitational’ where ‘Vampire Esports’ claimed the $430,000 winnings and the ‘PUBG Mobile: Regional Clash’ which is due to start July 20th and end July 23rd. Each game’s tournaments will award a total of $3million-$3.1million share to the highest placed finishers in their respective tournaments. 

Remaining Schedules and Dates

The remaining seven games are all yet to start. Here are the dates and prize pools for the remaining games:

  • July 19th-30th: Dota 2 ($15million)
  • July 27th-30th: ESL R1 ($1 million)
  • August 3rd-6th: StarCraft: Remastered and StarCraft II ($500,000 combined)
  • August 10th-13th: Street Fighter 6 ($1 million)
  • August 10th-20th: PUBG ($2 million)
  • August 16th-20th: CS:GO ($1 million)
  • August 21st-27th: Rocket League ($2 million)

We have already witnessed some monumental esports gaming during the festival and it’s only been two weeks! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the festival has in store, make sure to keep up-to-date with the latest news regarding the festival here at, The Gamers Echo.