Professional League of Legends player Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has officially announced his departure from the London-based esports organization, Fnatic.

In an extensive statement, Rekkles expressed his disappointment that their collaboration couldn’t continue this year. He also acknowledged the strange feeling of being without a team.

This development follows Rekkles’ return to Fnatic in the latter part of the previous year, a period marked by a turbulent start for Fnatic in the Winter 2023 LEC. As a result, Rekkles found himself on the bench and switched roles to become a support player.

Now, as Fnatic gears up for their participation in Worlds 2023, Rekkles has decided to part ways with the organization.


Fnatic said: As Rekkles looks to continue his journey on the Rift, taking on a new challenge and aiming to write a new chapter in his story, we wish him the best of luck and our sincerest thanks as he departs Fnatic.

“We’re extremely grateful for his effort and commitment across the last decade and only carry the fondest memories of his contributions to our organization. He’s cemented himself as a true Fnatic legend, and we can’t wait to see where his career takes him next. Thank you for everything Martin. Once Fnatic, always Fnatic.”

Rekkles responded, saying: “It’s been a bumpy ride and I’m really sorry for all the mistakes I did during our years together, but I choose to remember the beautiful memories. I hope you guys, those who are a part of Fnatic now and have been a part of Fnatic before, do the same.

“We created so many amazing moments together and I want all of us to remember those. The good times. The big games. The titles. I always felt like there was so much negativity around me playing for Fnatic after what happened with Elements. Same thing when I came back 2023. I don’t want this to be what comes to mind when you think of me and Fnatic.

“If it’s possible in your heart, try to remember me as someone trying his best. Doing whatever it takes. Wanting his teammates to succeed. Anyways, thanks for everything. I’m really happy with how my life turned out and so much of it is thanks to Fnatic and everyone supporting the team. Much love.”

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To find out more and see Rekkles full official statement head to Esports News UK 


LoL World’s 2023


Fnatic are set to begin the journey in the League of Legends World’s 2023 on October 19th in the ‘Swiss Stage’ of the tournament, it will be interesting to see how they perform without Rekkles in their team.

The World’s is the biggest LoL tournament of the year and features the top teams and players from all over the globe. See more about the tournament here.