The RENNSPORT ESL R1 Esports Tournament, held at the Gamers8 Festival in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ended in style. This electrifying event brought together the best sim racers from around the world, competing fiercely for the coveted titles and a staggering prize pool of $1 million!


Driving to Glory: Maximilian Benecke Claims the Drivers Championship


The competition was fierce, with drivers displaying exceptional skill, precision, and determination in every race. After several heart-stopping races, it was Maximilian Benecke from Team Mouz who stood tall as the undisputed Drivers Championship Winner. His outstanding driving prowess and strategic manoeuvres left spectators in awe, as he skilfully conquered each circuit with unmatched speed and precision.

Benecke was in group C of day 1 of the drivers championship he totalled up 36pts after finishing 2nd in race one and 3rd in race two which was enough to qualify for day 2. Moving on to day 2 of the drivers championship Benecke was not the favourite going in but he shocked everyone with his performances.

Day 2 featured six races and the driver with the most points after the six races wins the championship. Benecke put in some incredible drives finishing 1st in two of the six races along with a 2nd place and third place giving him 4 podiums in 6 races. Which was enough for Benecke to claim the prestigious Drivers Championship and $100,000 in prize money!


Porsche Coanda Dominates: Constructors Championship Glory


While the individual drivers’ performance was exceptional, the Constructors Championship was equally gripping. Throughout the contractors championship  the Porsche Coanda team showcased exceptional consistency, and skill, securing victory and leaving their competitors in the dust.

They won both day 1 and day 2 racking up five wins across the two days of racing. On day 1 they finished with 132pts from the 8 races narrowly beating R8G Esports by 10pts. Day 2 (the finals) saw the champions pick up 115pts beating G2 Esports and Team Redline by 7pts.

Porsche Coanda fully deserved to win the constructors championship after dominating the opposition across the full tournament and will be a tough team to beat in future competitions. With this dominating performance team Porsche Coanda secured $250,000 in prize money.


An Unforgettable Event


The RENNSPORT ESL R1 Esports Tournament was more than just a racing competition; it was a celebration of the esports racing community coming together to share their passion for the sport. Spectators and fans alike were treated to four days of heart-pounding racing action, with incredible performances and intense rivalries on display. The electrifying atmosphere was palpable, even to those watching from afar through livestreams.

Aside from the thrilling on-track action, attendees enjoyed a range of engaging activities, including interactive sim racing zones, autograph sessions with top drivers, and opportunities to meet their favourite esports teams. The festival provided an immersive experience, allowing fans to be a part of the esports racing world in a way like never before.


For more information regarding the RENNSPORT ESL R1 tournament head to the ESL R1 website or the Gamers8 website.


Stay Tuned!

The Gamers8 festival is still n full flow with a handful of tournaments ongoing and set to start in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned as we provide all the updates on the festival. With the likes of Rocket League, PUBG and CS:GO tournaments still to come we will have plenty to dig our teeth into!