During Gamescom 2023’s Opening Night there was plenty for fans to take in, one of the major things being Activision revealing gameplay for their newest Call 0f Duty title, Modern Warfare 3, through a 9-minute trailer.


What did the trailer show us?


The trailer showed us the first mission of the games campaign mode, named ‘Operation 627’. The mission is set in October 2023 and it takes us back to a familiar, fan favourite location, the Kastovian Sea or otherwise known as Verdansk. Yes, Activision have taken us back to the beloved Verdansk, the original Call of Duty Warzone location which, against player discretion was replaced in 2021 by a new map ‘Caldera’. We are unsure as to whether Verdansk will be making a return as a multiplayer/battle royal map or whether it will just feature in the campaign. But regardless, it’s back!

Anyway, back to the mission…

Team Alpha arrive by submarine to what we know as ‘prison’ (from warzone) and proceed to assault the prison (enemy compound), as the team is moving into position an explosion goes off which starts the combat. The assault continues down into the underground of the prison and comes to an end with a door breach which leaves us thinking what the mission has lying ahead for us.

Activision has said “While familiar, Verdansk will be seen from a new perspective in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign: in the year 2023, a new threat completely locked down this capital of Kastovia”

Watch the full trailer on the Call of Duty YouTube channel.


What changes have been announced for MW3?


Activision started by stating that Modern Warfare 3 is a “direct sequel” to Call of Duty’s 2022 game Modern Warfare 2, mentioning that the zombies and campaign modes focus on player choice more than ever before.

They then let us know some of the features coming to Modern Warfare 3 including, the return of slide cancelling and the classic mini map.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 10th 2023 for all platforms including, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.